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I like this card. What's next?
You can hit the Start Simplifying button and one of our wedding experts will get in touch with you. We will help you finalize the invitation text, place the order, and deliver the cards to your home.
How do I finalize my invitation text?
If you have already finalized your invitation text, you can just email to us. Otherwise, our wedding expert will work with you and finalize the text over a 30 minute appointment.
Can you deliver the invitations to my guests?
Yes, if you want us to. All we need is your guests list. We will have your guests name hand written by our expert calligrapher, and delivered to their doorsteps.
Are the Prices mentioned here exact?
The prices here are quoted by the card retailer, which can vary slightly during the time of purchase. We will always negotiate and try to find discounts for you.
Do I have to pay anything extra for your services?
We offer wedding invitation services for a minimal cost of Rs.500. For an introductory period we are offering our services absolutely free.
When do I have to pay? What are the modes I can pay?
We will require the cost of cards when we place the order with the vendor. You can pay for our services at the end of the event, and only if you are 100% satisfied. You can pay by cash, cheque and bank transfer. If you are located within Kolkata, one of our team members can collect the payments.
Do vendors always maintain stock for this Card?
These are the best wedding cards vendors wanted to showcase, and they are most likely to be in stock. However, there is a small chance of being out of stock.
Can you send samples to my home?
Unfortunately, wedding card vendors in Kolkata don’t allow sample cards taken out of their counter, hence we don’t have this feature supported right now. However, we are working on some exclusive tie-ups and expect to have this facility for you in the near future.

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