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I was reading through Arujan Kartha’s blog article where he rightly pointed out, top Indian wedding photographers’ costs as much as some of the best in US or Europe. A three day package from a top photographer in India costs about 3-5 Lakh compared to $5K-$10K in US. A good photographer in France will charge you minimum of 3K EUR. .....


A couple of years ago when I tied the knot with the love of my life, the concept of candid photographers was hardly common. Therefore, we never had the chance to document those precious moments in a way that most of you see today. While some believe that posing with your spouse, family members and friends makes for the perfect photo gallery, poised appearances and practiced poses rarely capture the true expressions. Especially in the context of Indian weddings, where there are loads of interesting rituals, it is important that the bride is caught unawares while being part of these.......

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Robin Saini Photography

I was born in Punjab and raised in Pune (India) - a city that's now home to me. I'm a professional photographer who specializes in wedding & portrait photography.

If you've made it to this page convinced I'm a photographer, you may be surprised to find out that there's little more of me apart from being a candid photographer. After doing BSc in Physics and a MBA in marketing, I worked with various organizations from shipping, small to big scale event companies, multiplex and radio marketing & brand building with my last designation as Deputy Marketing Manager, my portfolio's has been rather extensive. Regardless of all of that I'm just someone who does what he loves.

Arjun Kartha Photography

Arjun and Praerna Kartha are a husband-wife team of ?non-wedding? wedding photographers with a candid, contemporary and off-beat approach to shooting Indian marriages. One of the first husband-wife teams to start shooting weddings in India, they are some of the finest and most sought after wedding photographers today. Arjun and Praerna are candid wedding photography specialists ? and veterans of the fledgling wedding photography genre in India. With a penchant for making ?fun? photos, they love creating behind the scenes memories that will last a lifetime. Based in Delhi, they travel all over India and abroad on assignment. Arjun is also a category winner of the prestigious Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 award.


Ever since I came across your photography on one of my friend’s wedding, I felt that I can trust only Fotosutra for my big day. Prasanta da, words will never be able to tell you just how thankful I am. You did a dream job. I never know that I can look so beautiful, but your unique style, perception through lens really exceeded all my expectations. From the very first photo that morning and right throughout the day you and your Fotosutra team were absolutely excellent in every way. You made all of us feel at ease and captured all those smiles, embraces and all the spontaneous moments in between. Your attention to detail, ability to spot the unusual shot and unique eye for the perfect photo ensured that I got the wedding album I dreamed of.


Candid Framez was formed in 2013, by two friends with a same dream and passion ? Sandeep Singh Rathod & Salam Salih. Their equal love for photography and having that special eye for those candid moments in photographs, led to their bond and launching CandidFramez.